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3 Massive Hotels in The World

If you are reading this list, chances are that you are looking for the most extravagant vacation than perhaps you have been on previously. Well, you have just arrived on the only page that you will need to visit on this online pursuit for finding hotels that are just as massive as they are luxurious.

Caesars Palace

While there are plenty of massive, luxurious hotels in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace is certainly one of the most popular ones. Just check some of the key facts that earned Caesars Palace a spot on this elite list.

  • Total number of rooms for guests is 3,960.
  • There are five towers in this luxurious hotel, spread over an area of 85 acres.
  • There is a massive Garden of the Gods swimming lounge, spread over 5 acres, including 8 pools and impressive Roman-themed sculptures, landscaping, and architecture.
  • Caesars Palace has the biggest wedding chapel on the entire Las Vegas Strip.
  • Luxurious hotel villas (starts from $18,000+ per night) with private pools, fountains, pianos, bars and everything else one can expect from 5-Star hotel rooms.

The Golden Tiger Hotel

If you are looking for hotels in Australia, experience luxury with Golden Tiger Hotel! The Golden Tiger is more diverse, luxurious, and massive than anything that any other Australian hotel could possibly be able to offer you. Let’s check out the key highlight aspects of this massive and luxurious hotel.

  • The massive hotel expands over an area of 385 acres, which has 5 towers with a combined number of 200+ floors.
  • It can house guests in 6,500 rooms, which can be booked at an average rent of $140 per night.
  • Decorated in the classic golden tiger theme, this massive and luxurious hotel has indoor pools, ornate décor, and multiple theme parks to get lost in.

First World Hotel

If the name did not give it away, then you need to read that again to know just how serious the First World Hotel in Pahang Malaysia is about its luxurious hotel status. While not the largest of all hotels in the world in terms of area, it certainly has the highest number of rooms for guests. Check out the key highlight points next to see if the First World Hotel should be on your list, the next time you pay a visit to Malaysia.

  • At 7,351, the First World Hotel holds the world record for having the highest number of guest rooms.
  • You won’t run short of activities here, as the compound sports a massive outdoor amusement park, the First World Plaza mall, and a unique theme park inside the hotel compound.
  • Add to that list a big bowling alley (20-lanes), a huge movie hall, and even a massive, 18-hole golf course to get a feel of what to expect while staying at any of the two towers.

You can’t go wrong with any of them really, and given how many rooms these massive hotels sport, you will likely never find it hard to book a room in any of them either! Advanced bookings, however, will let you stay in the most lavish and luxurious hotel rooms that these have to offer because they are booked months in advance.

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